Plateau Holistic Equine Ltd is dedicated to the correct and balanced fitting of saddles for a range of breeds and disciplines. We are committed to the journey with you and your horse in creating the conditions for correct muscle development, rehabilitation and a sustained healthy working life. We are specialists in a range of saddles for various disciplines; most notably academic and historical equitation, classical dressage & Iberian disciplines. 

A unique blend of understanding

We also fit, adjust, repair and reflock English, Iberian & Baroque saddles. Our background also includes scholarly research into the horse in history in addition to the pathology & corrective aspects of saddle, bit and bridle fitting; the relationship with biomechanics and how these elements form a relationship with long term equine health. A unique blend of understanding informs the direction of our work, this includes the in depth working knowledge of the historical & social frameworks for saddle development and how this has impacted on the working horse. We work in the UK, EIRE, Spain and Portugal to bring 1st class saddle fitting advice to our clients.

Patience, respect and honesty.

We will work with you with patience, respect and honesty during your journey: specialising in challenging remedial cases in addition to those horses already in consistent and high quality training. We pride ourselves on providing a thorough and in depth service and working with other equine trainers / healthcare professionals in assisting with a comprehensive rehabilitative programme where applicable.