We are committed to working and training horses using the most ethical and non-coercive of methods. During our consultations, we do not just fit saddles, bits and bridles; we look at how training affects muscle development and how rider and equine biomechanics affect the stability of a well fitting saddle. Even saddles which are considered an excellent fit can suffer from instability if a rider or horse is overtly weaker in one or more plane. We prefer to draw upon many different training styles which have proven benefits in assisting the sustained and healthy rehabilitation of horses and riders alike. Here you will find a wealth of resources continually being reviewed which include simple techniques for mobilisation and rehabilitation of shortened and weak muscles, suppling exercises for increased mobility and resources and links for riders wishing to become fitter, stronger and more effective. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is intended to educate clients and interested parties to create the conditions to prevent lameness, build confidence and sustain a happy working life for your horse.

Incredible training work by Manolo Mendez, one of the founding members of the Royal School of Equestrian Art, Jerez. Work to rehabilitate the horse and working with kindness and patience


Institute founded by the late Dr Ridgeway for dealing with the whole horse health, an absolute library of resources which deal with everything from nose to tail


4 Dimension dressage is full of advice on balance and the correct working frame for any of today’s sport horses. It contains up to date clinical research in equine biomechanics, equine anatomy and physiology.

https://www.kvapaardenrevalidatie.nl/ & the facebook page:


Master Philippe Karl and the school of Legrette, over 40 years of teaching and training at the Saumur and training the horse for ‘lightness’


Bent Branderup & his use of the work of classical equitation masters in rehabilitating horses


Manuel Oliveira, Portuguese classical trainer focused on rehabilitation of horses using his methods based in Germany


Stride Free saddles by Peter Horobin: we are registered and approved fitters for Stride Free saddles.


Deuber fully adjustable Baroque & English saddles: We are registered and approved suppliers of Deuber & Partner saddles


We are registered and approved fitters and suppliers for Ludomar Iberian, Portuguese & English ranges


We are the registered suppliers for the UK for Baroque & Working Equitation saddles from Iberosattel – including adjusting and rebalancing all Iberosattel saddles


We are the UK North of England, North Wales and English borders fitter for AH Saddles, Wide, native breeds and cob specialists


We are approved fitters and suppliers of Nick Dolman saddles


We are approved suppliers of artisan Vaquera saddles from Guarnicioneria Vilches of Los Palacios Y Villafranca, Sevilla. Hand sewn and custom made close contact Vaquera saddles for working disciplines & competition. A real gem of a workshop who produce saddles with the horse and rider comfort in mind.


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