We take, on a sale or return commission basis, saddles that we have originally sold to clients if they wish to resell them for whatever reason. Please see below our terms and conditions regarding the handling of such saddles to protect both seller and the reputation of Plateau Holistic Equine Ltd.

1.Our commission fees are fixed and non-negotiable. They exist on a graded scale according to the agreed market value of said saddle at the time. The fees are as follows:

Saddles Valued at less than £3000 – 20% commission of agreed value

Saddles Valued at £3000 or more – 15% commission of agreed value

2.As the owner of the saddle, you are responsible for costs incurred shipping the saddle to Plateau Holistic Equine Ltd. You are liable for the saddle until it has been received by Plateau Holistic Equine Ltd – please use a courier which is tracked, insured, and requires a signature.

3.Saddles should be received clean and fit for purpose, please do not sure excessive amounts of oil, conditioner or product which will result in us having to remove it or rectify an over conditioned saddle.

4.Plateau Holistic Equine Ltd does not accept saddles with broken tree’s, or requiring repairs from a saddler. If a saddle is received in such condition, it will be returned to the owner for a return delivery charge of £25. Until the delivery charge is paid, the saddle will be held at a cost of £20 per week. We inspect each saddle for tree and panel asymmetry, inconsistent flocking, damage to the saddle not previously discussed prior to shipping. If any of these are found, then a discussion will be had with the seller to revise any agreed sales price. We do offer a reflocking service in our workshop and this is charged at £60 should you, as the seller wish to take advantage of it. You can then be assured that it will be send to any prospective buyer properly and evenly flocked.

5.We offer a trial period on saddles if requested by customers. This trial period is for 5 days and enables a more accurate fit for both horse and rider. Customers are held responsible for damage incurred to the saddle during the trial period. However general wear may occur. The full amount of the saddle is paid by the customer before the saddle is released on trial and deductions are made to the buyers refund for any damage incurred so you are reassured that the agreed price minus the commission is paid by the customer.

6.Plateau Holistic Equine Ltd endeavours to sell your saddle as quickly as possible. However, there is no set time frame as to when your saddle will be sold.

7.Whilst Plateau Holistic Equine Ltd is in possession of your saddle, it, and any saddle cover supplied will be cleaned, reconditioned and professionally photographed for inclusion on our website / social media adverts

8.Should you change your mind, and request your saddle back, The Saddle Bank charges;
Return request within first 3 months: £70.00 administration fee plus £25.00 delivery charge
Return request after first 3 months: £30 administration fee plus £25 delivery charge

9.The price discussed regarding your saddle’s worth is based on the information you provide and the photographs. We will ask you to provide high resolution photographs, outside in good light (not too dull or bright sunlight) from the following angles:

Both sides, looking straight down over the seat, front profile, back profile, girth straps & under the saddle of the panels. We also need photos of any damage, large scratches etc that may affect value.

 If after inspecting the saddle, if we feel there is a discrepancy in the pricing previously agreed: then we will contact you to discuss this. This may mean that the saddle value is decreased, or increased. The value of your saddle is dictated by the market at the time of receipt of your saddle. You may feel that your saddle is worth more, but we use the most up to date sales data (not the prices of adverts that private sellers have their saddles for sale at) to value your saddle. An agreement in writing between us, Plateau Holistic Equine Ltd and you, the seller is made prior to any reconditioning, photography and advertising of your saddle.

10.Payment is issued to you via Bank transfer, on the 30th day of the saddle being received by the new owner. This is so extended distance selling regulations in UK law can be satisfied.

Please note, that in the rare instance that saddles are left with us and forms of communication ignored regarding return or sale, we have a right under the TORTS (interference of goods) Act 1977 (warehousing and storage) to charge storage fees for such time as is appropriate until said items are disposed of. 

Storage fees of £10 per month, per saddle for such time.